Generation Citizen

by Scott Warren (Author)

  • With Justice Kennedy retiring from the Supreme Court in July 2018, thus leaving a second vacant judicial appointment for the Trump administration to fulfil, advocates of progressive politics and fair democracy were confronted not merely with just two or four more years to endure, but the realization that a national election can and will impact generations to come. So Scott Warren's part-manifesto, part-memoir, part-guidebook is all the more timely: how can young people harness their fear, rage, enthusiasm, passions, and communities in order to better their towns, states, and country through civic engagement
  • Using these stories and more, the book goes beyond simple, silver-bullet solutions to the problems of the day, and rather focuses on the importance of why and how to engage in a life-long political journey. No iPhone apps or rallies or call-in days will save our democracy. Only sustained local, passionate engagement, modeled and led by young people, can lead us to an inclusive America for all
  • The author, 32-year-old Scott Warren, is a charismatic, well-connected political youth leader with years of experience organizing and rallying young people to seize change for themselves; he founded Generation Citizen as a senior in college, and his entire life has been focused on the power and fragility of democracy. He wrote this book to convince young people of the power of democracy, and to provide a framework to live a real political journey.
  • The author has published articles in The New York Daily News, The Hill, The Christian Science Monitor, US News and World Report, and Education Week
  • A trade paperback original, the book will be packaged and priced to be accessible to students and nonprofit organizations
  • Primary audiences include Millenials, Gen Z, and the people who educate them (teachers, librarians, coaches, nonprofit leaders, professors, administrators); in other words, people who want to make a change, but have not always seen politics as the best way to do so.
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  • Book Details

    Publication Date
    March 05, 2019