The Flying Troutmans

by Miriam Toews (Author)

"A wry, scary, heartfelt ode to the traverses we have to make in life." ––Elle

From the beloved and award-winning author of All My Puny Sorrows and A Complicated Kindness comes this reissue of Miriam Toews' witty and colorful family portrait.

Meet the Troutmans. When Hattie's moody boyfriend dumps her in Paris, she returns home to find that her sister Min is in the psych ward again. Min's kids, Logan and Thebes, are fending for themselves by focusing on other things—Logan is infatuated with acerbic New York Times Magazine interviewer Deborah Solomon, for example, while Thebes has dyed her hair purple and is refining her hip-hop vernacular.

Freaked out by the prospect of becoming a surrogate mother to these two kids, Hattie decides to take them in the family van to find their father, last heard to be running an idiosyncratic art gallery in South Dakota. What ensues is a remarkable journey across America, as aunt and kids—through chaos as diverse as their personalities—discover one another to be both far crazier and far more normal than any of them thought.

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Publication Date
February 12, 2019