Red Hot

by Niobia Bryant (Author)
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“A gritty romance sizzling with passion and misconceptions . . . [And] scorching love scenes” from the national bestselling author of The Hot Spot (Publishers Weekly).
For Kaitlyn Strong, life has been a fun-filled free ride, all expenses paid by her wealthy father. As for relationships, why would Kaitlyn want to give up the fabulous single life? But after she goes on her most outrageous spending bender yet, she’s informed it’s time to make her own way. For a shocked Kaitlyn, that means getting a job—and an affordable apartment to go with it . . .
Hard-working single father Quinton Wells is proud of his job looking after a small apartment building. But he’s never met a demanding diva like his new tenant, Kaitlyn. Yet despite their verbal clashes, there’s a sizzling attraction between them. And there’s a budding friendship between Kaitlyn and Quint’s tween daughter, who needs a woman in her life. Quint needs a woman in his life too, and as the red-hot desire between him and Kaitlyn builds, the only choice left is to surrender . . .
Praise for the Strong Family series
“A fabulous love story.” —Urban Reviews
“Hot men, spicy women and a sexually captivating story.” —RT Book Reviews

“Very impressive.” —Cydney Rax, author of A Sister’s Power

Publication date
October 24, 2011
Page count
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