by Jennifer Mishra (Author), Barbara Fast (Author)

This book provides new practical tools that bridge the gap between familiar, easy-to-use technology and musical practice to enhance musicianship and motivate students. Authors Jennifer Mishra and Barbara Fast provide ideas for use with students of all levels, from beginners to musicians performing advanced repertoire. This book is written for teachers (both studio teachers and ensemble directors), but can be read by performers to help give new guidance to their own practice sessions.

Some strategies in this book would not have been possible without advances in technology; others expand tried-and-true practice strategies with the use of technology. Most of the technologies discussed are free or inexpensive and don't require extensive specialist equipment or learning. Rather than replacing quality practice strategies, technology brings new tools to the practicing tool box. The strategies lay the foundation for how technology can be used in the practice room and are intended to spark creativity. The book encourages teachers and students to vary the integration of practice strategies with technology in personal ways to fit their own studios or practice routines.

This book is all about exploring our musical practice through technology. The ideas in this book will invigorate your musical practice and lead to even more creativity between you and your students

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October 01, 2018
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