Grandma Comes to Stay

Grandma Comes to Stay

by James Hawthorn (Author)
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Dave and Beth continue to explore the boundaries of their foray into incest as Matt and Alice seek out further adventures.


I put the suitcases on the bed and closed the windows I'd opened to get some fresh air in the room. My mom sat on the bed and sighed. "I love your dad, you know that, dont you? But. . . Sometimes, I feel that he's just not interested in me anymore. I mean, I wasn't enamoured with turning 60 either, but suddenly, I feel that your dad just doesn't have eyes for me anymore . . "

Was this the moment my mom was feeding me a line? Right before dinner was about to be served? . .

I sat on the bed next to my mother and looked into her eyes. 'Mom, dad loves you, but, he's always been a boob man. Maybe you need to make a move on him' my mother laid back on the bed "oh, and how in the hell would I do that at my age?" I stood up and headed back towards the door, 'mom, c'mon, dinners gonna be ready soon'

I walked into the dining room with my mother a couple of steps behind. My dad was seated between my daughter and my wife. He was the happiest I'd seen him in years. Matt looked up at us, "you were gone a while " I sat down next to him 'just helping your grandma unpack' he winked at me, I don't think my mother saw, but she had a shy smile on her face.

Dinner was delicious. Alice and her grandmother loaded up the dishwasher. My dad asked if he could go and see the attic room and have a rest before the evening got drinker. Beth took him up stairs and I heard them having the same conversation my mother and I had "why had it taken so long to invite us" "oh you know, the kids" . . Etc.

I sat back into the sofa and my mother cuddled into me. "It's been so long, Dave. I just want to be touched" I shifted uneasily, I mean sure, I wanted this, but I never thought it would happen. 'Mom, you're beautiful and dad wants you, you've just gotta say what you want' my mom sighed and nuzzled her head into my chest.


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August 23, 2018
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