An End to the War on Terrorism

by Phil Gurski (Author)

Why are we still at ‘war’ with terror 16 years after 9/11? This book will discuss what we have collectively done well, what we have done poorly, what we have yet to try and how we get to the point where terrorism does not dominate public discourse and cause disproportionate fear around the world.

This book looks at a variety of approaches and responses to international Islamist extremism, ranging from military and security/law enforcement action to government policies, community measures and religious efforts, with a goal to determining what has worked and what has not. The examples are drawn largely from the West but the book’s scope is global.

Key features:

  • Written in a clear, non-academic style
  • Uses recent events to explain terrorism
  • Is wide-ranging and ‘ex-practitioner’ based

Book Details

Publication Date
August 08, 2018
Page count