The Dare Collection: August 2018: Close to the Edge / Beddable Billionaire / Getting Lucky / Forbidden Pleasure

by Zara Cox (Author), Alexx Andria (Author), Avril Tremayne (Author), Taryn Leigh Taylor (Author)

Introduce yourself to Mills & Boon’s sexiest series yet!

Close to the Edge by Zara Cox

Some lines should never be crossed…unless it's wickedly worth it

The moment he meets sublime coding prodigy Lily Gracen, Caleb Steele knows his ‘never get involved with a client’ rule is going to be broken. But not until he stops her stalker. Caleb might be in charge of Lily’s safety, but when they're locked down in her Silicon Valley mansion she’s the master. For keeping his hands off Lily is bringing Caleb close to the edge of his control…

Beddable Billionaire by Alexx Andria

How do you resist the perfect guy? You don't.

Journalist Lauren Hughes needs her job. And if that means writing a feature on Nico Donato—billionaire playboy and primo fantasy material for every straight woman with a pulse—so be it. All she has to do is not be charmed by him. Or tempted. Or invite this sexy, too-hot-to-be-true man into her real world… especially when he has the power to destroy it.

Getting Lucky by Avril Tremayne

He'll help her get lucky…And promises to deliver a whole lot more!

With her fertility issues, it’s now or never for Romy Allen. Thankfully, her friend Matt Carter will help her research her options. But then the deliciously sexy entrepreneur tears up her IVF paperwork and presents a counter offer—the old-fashioned way or nothing! How can she refuse? Especially when multiple orgasms are offered as a tempting bonus…!

Forbidden Pleasure by Taryn Leigh Taylor

In the boardroom or the bedroom…She gets what she wants!

Emma has lusted after her steely-eyed boss Max Whitfield for years. When she quits her job she’s finally free to seduce him—leading to a red-hot night of passion on his desk. But a furious Max soon discovers that his company’s been hacked, and all signs point to his irresistible ex-employee. When Emma denies everything, his only option is a very hands-on investigation.

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August 01, 2018
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