Fun with Problems

Fun with Problems

by Robert Stone (Author)

A “stylish, specific, and often darkly comic” collection of stories from the National Book Award–winning author (TheNew York Times Book Review).

From “one of our greatest living writers,” this is a collection of short fiction rich with longing, violence, and black humor (Los Angeles Times).
A screenwriter carries on a decades-long affair with a beautiful actress, whose descent into addiction he can neither turn from nor share. A bored husband picks up a mysterious woman, only to find that his ego has led him woefully astray. A world-beating Silicon Valley executive receives an unwelcome guest at his mansion in the hills. A scuba dive takes uneasy newlyweds to a point of no return. Fun with Problems showcases Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Stone’s great gift for pinpointing the ways we conceal, reveal, and betray our truest selves.
“The stories are witty and diverse and are all unified by some element of brokenness. Whether it be alcoholic painter, drug-guzzling screenwriter, or small-town attorney, each protagonist remains despicable yet demands a certain sympathy. Everyone is broken, but nothing has yet to fall apart. . . . Each character comes closer and closer to truth, but heartbreakingly, never quite turns the corner. You know they are on the right track though and that makes suffering with these characters enjoyable.” —Booklist

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Publication Date
January 10, 2010