BUMPER THE WHITE RABBIT - 16 illustrated adventures of Bumper the White Rabbit

BUMPER THE WHITE RABBIT - 16 illustrated adventures of Bumper the White Rabbit

This book is for all little boys and girls who love animals and starts by telling readers where BUMPER THE WHITE RABBIT came from. It also tells of why Bumper was left at home and what happened next – an adventure second to none!

It traces Bumper’s adventures, like how he was sold and ended up at the dreadful house. We then read of Bumper’s relationship with the red-headed girl and with Carlo. He also meets a sewer rat and runs into a nest of bats. He makes his escape on a raft and sees his first black crow as well as meets a fox. He gains the admiration of the birds and meets Mr. Bear before finding his country cousins and eventually becomes the White King of the Rabbits.

The 16 illustrated stories and adventures of Buster in this volume are:

Story I Where Bumper Came From

Story II Why Bumper Was Left At Home

Story III Bumper Is Sold

Story IV What Happened In The Dreadful House

Story V Bumper And The Red-Headed Girl

Story VI Bumper And Carlo

Story VII Bumper Meets The Sewer Rat

Story VIII Bumper Runs Into A Nest Of Bats

Story IX Bumper Escapes On A Raft

Story X Bumper Sees His First Black Crow

Story XI Bumper Meets A Fox

Story XII Bumper Admired By The Birds

Story XIII Bumper Needs A Doctor

Story XIV Bumper Meets Mr. Bear

Story XV Bumper Finds His Country Cousins

Story XVI Bumper Becomes The White King Of The Rabbits

This volume is sure to keep you and your young ones enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then their quality. They will have you coming back for more time and again.


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