Buckeyes for Life

by Levenick Tom (Author)

Buckeyes for life is written in honor of the bond of former Ohio State Football Athletes that is extraordinary and has transcended the generations.  It is amazing to witness this “Buckeye Brotherhood” in action, when you see teammates from every decade going back to the 1940s, staying in touch, connected tightly, often coming to the aid of a teammate in need or giving a “pat on the back” during a celebratory moment in their lives.  I believe this environment was created from Woody Hayes’ philosophies that “You Win with People” and you should always “Pay Forward.”  Despite numerous referrals by former players to stories and teachings by Woody Hayes, this is not intended to be a total “Woody book.”

Additionally, while this is predominantly about Ohio State Football, there is a prevailing cascade of this culture throughout Ohio State Athletics in general and I have relayed thoughts, stories and experiences from letter winners in men’s basketball, track and field, golf, women’s basketball, women’s swimming and The Ohio State University Marching Band.

This culture has also begun to expand to the overall Ohio State University society.  Simply go to the Ohio State University Alumni Association internet site, where there is a section under membership, where you can “Pay Forward”.

Let’s face it.  Life is a competition.  You compete for positions and promotions at work.  You compete for the best parking spot.  You compete for the best spot in the checkout lane at the grocery store. You compete for the best table at a restaurant.  You compete to have the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood.  On and on and on!  There are many social elements within this book that facilitate The Ohio State Buckeyes being the best competitors and winners possible.  These elements and characteristics, when applied to everyday life, will foster success and wonderful life fulfillment.

I am so proud to be a graduate of The Ohio State University and I am even more gratified and fulfilled to be a member of the “Buckeye Brotherhood” and a “Buckeye for Life”.

A recent experience with brain surgery and Brain Cancer, which I am still battling today, has precipitated this book.  The outpouring of prayers, care and concern from my “Buckeye Brothers” has been incredible and extremely gratifying.

My current experience with Brain Cancer also inspired me to donate a percentage of the proceeds from this book to the Urban and Shelley Meyer Cancer Research Fund at the James, Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

While the “Buckeye Brotherhood”, “Winning with People” and “Paying Forward” have transcended the generations at Ohio State and have been passed from Woody to Earle Bruce, John Cooper, Jim Tressel and now Urban Meyer.  Coach Meyer embodies those philosophies and has taken them to a new level.

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June 12, 2018
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