Letters from my Grandfather

by Tim Jordan (Author)

  1. Where should I go to university? What should I major in? What job should I choose? What’s my purpose? Young adults from high school into their mid-20s get stressed out with making decisions about these issues. They get stuck in their fear about making a bad choice that will irrevocably mess up their life, they don’t want to settle like many of the adults they know, yet they lack the tools to create the life they want. Here is the guide that will bring clarity and direction to finding the answers.

A Grandfather leaves letters for his granddaughter to be read after his passing, and they are to be opened at 14 different stages of her life, from her 17th birthday through age 25. Each note offers some timely wisdom to guide her to: overcome fears, know what’s right for her, find her own motivation and set her own bar, let go of limiting beliefs, use self-compassion, trust the Dot Theory, and to find her calling. His letters use fascinating stories of eminent people and invaluable metaphors to make his points easy to understand and remember.

Letters from My Grandfather was written for Millennials ages 17-25, but also for their parents to help them know how to support their children through this transformational time. But the timeless wisdom in these pages is actually valuable for anyone who wants to create a life worth living.

So, stop stressing out about figuring out your life path. Take responsibility for knowing what’s best for you. Learn to relax and allow your life to unfold, marvelously, in its own way and in its own time.

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Publication Date
May 17, 2018
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