Zen and the Art of Trailer Pulling

by Raymond Gerth (Author)

For the small investment of a few dollars and less than an hour's time, truckers, together with their family and friends, can potentially reduce the deaths of many people on our roadways every year, certainly lower the amount of stress that traveling creates, and even help drivers get the necessary rest they need while reaching their destinations.  Not to mention opening the door to more positive communication between everyone concerned.

          There are approximately 3.5 million Class A CDL holders in the U.S.  That's a lot of various attitudes and conditions moving their 80,000-pound homes and offices along at 70 miles an hour on any given day, but also a lot of experienced and educated drivers who can provide all of us with a great example.

          There are also tens of thousands of fatalities on our highways each year, even more accidents, and a very high amount of road rage incidents, many of which could be avoided if only the operators of all vehicles took to heart some extremely valuable information that would enable them to be more disciplined about their motoring habits.

In its truest sense, Zen and the Art of Trailer Pulling could be considered a Safety Manual, and should almost be required reading for everybody on the road,  but for the time being , consider it a brief , inexpensive and holistic guide to making all types of commuting relaxing, fun, and safe.

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May 15, 2018
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