A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada

by Lisa Benton-Short (Author), John Rennie Short (Author), Chris Mayda (Author)

Now in a thoroughly revised and updated edition, this text offers a comprehensive examination of North America’s physical and human geography, weaving in the key themes of environment and sustainability throughout. The authors explore the challenges each region faces, such as water shortages, climate change, increased migration and diversity, urbanization, and continued economic changes. The book also highlights the positive actions that Americans and Canadians are taking to move toward a more sustainable future. New features in the second edition include sections on population, immigration and diversity, and urban trends. Each chapter also features a case study that examines a national park (representing natural and cultural heritage), how the region is coping with climate change, how geospatial technologies are applied to environmental challenges, iconic images and/or cultural festivals, urban sustainability best practices, and global connections and networks. Designed for ease of teaching and learning, the book features full-color photographs and maps throughout, chapter highlights, lists of key terms, places, and major cities for each chapter, discussion questions, and a glossary.

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July 25, 2018
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