Wide-Angle Photography

by Chris Marquardt (Author)

The very thing that makes wide-angle photography so compelling also makes it a challenge: While you’re sure to capture a vast scene using a wide-angle lens, it can be difficult to direct the viewer’s attention when so many elements are included in an image. For many photographers, the results of their wide-angle attempts are a disappointment and they just can’t seem to achieve that “Wow” they are hoping for in their images.

Whether you’re new to wide-angle lenses or you’ve been frustrated by them for a long time, expert photographer, teacher, and author Chris Marquardt is here to help. Wide-Angle Photography is packed with information—as well as beautiful and inspiring photography—that will help you take your wide-angle image making to the next level.

In a friendly, accessible manner Chris walks you through in-depth discussions of both the advantages and the pitfalls of wide-angle photography, the fundamentals you need to know, composition and design principles, and the specific genres in which wide-angle lenses can be used to create outstanding images—not only for landscape photography, but for portrait, street, architectural, and interior photography, as well. Throughout the book, Chris offers hands-on exercises that drive home the concepts being taught so you can learn by doing. Chris also dedicates two full chapters to tilt-shift lenses for those who are interested in exploring and maximizing the fascinating capabilities these kinds of lenses offer.

Topics include:

  • Types of lenses and filters

  • Understanding depth of field

  • Angles of view, crop factors, and focal lengths

  • Handling distortion and aberrations

  • Composition, design, and context

  • Point of view and perspective

  • Wide-angle for various genres

  • Panoramas and stitching images

  • Tilt-shift lenses

  • Hands-on exercises

  • And much more…
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    Publication date
    May 22, 2018
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