Just Desserts

de Dr. Damaris Conrad (Autor)

Just Desserts: Sugar-Free and Low Carb Desserts for the Sweet Tooth in All of Us

Are you one of the thousands of people who have been force to give up sweets and everything that tastes good due to diagnosis of some chronic health issue? Do you feel strapped to the day-in and day-out grind of medications, cardboard-tasting food choices, and the restrictions that come with managing chronic health problems.

Let’s face it, it is frustrating to live years on end like this feeling deprived while you watch others enjoy the delights of desserts. Is there any possible way to have “our cake and eat it too” without the devastating results of weight gain, scary blood sugar levels or being in a carb coma?

Whether you are watching your weight, dealing with diabetes and other health issues, this Just Desserts Recipe book will show you how to replace the chemical poisons that wreak havoc in our bodies and learn to create easy, healthy, great tasting, nutritious, dessert alternatives such as Golden Blonde Brownies, Tiramisu, and Crème Brulée.  

Created and endorsed by a Certified Nutritionist and a Sweet Tooth lover of all things good and healthy, these recipe photos practically jump off the page and right into your mouth!  


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14 de abril de 2018
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