Who Paints the World

by Lesley P Nase (Author), Rebecca Nase Chomyn (Illustrator)

Who Paints the World is for children who have serious illness, for those who need to feel loved and supported for those who are near to death and dying.

Have you ever wondered out loud how different things in life came about being? Hope did. Each day she asked the questions in her empty room and each day an answer came to her. Who answered Hope's most puzzling questions of life?

An Angel, that's who.

The Angel relpies to Hope's questions: "Who, but a child would have the imagination to paint the world?".

This book gives comfort, love and angelic support to children at a time of need with expressing all the beauty that is brought to life and that you too can be a child who paints the world of all to see.

Theme: You are not alone, you can paint your world. All you need is to ask for the angels to speak.

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Publication date
May 11, 2018
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