Wide Brown Land

by Simon Petrie (Author)

Light levels are low. It's killingly cold. These conditions are, it transpires, connected.

The icy landscape around you—hillocks, boulders, ravines, foregrounding a hazy, rumpled horizon beneath an opaque, lowering sky—wears a patina that shades from sepia to umber, puddled with drifts of dark sand. The atmosphere, though thick, would permit only a parody of respiration: there is no succour in it. Were it not for the insulating, carefully-regulated containment of your suit, you would be dead within minutes, frozen solid within an hour.

Welcome to Titan.

Wide Brown Land is a collection of hard science fiction short stories set in the settlements and badlands of Saturn's haze-shrouded moon, Titan, where the landscape is as formidable a foe as the most determined adversary.

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Publication Date
April 30, 2018
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