The Empty House

by Algernon Blackwood (Author), Seth (Illustrator)

  • Attractively designed and illustrated by well-known cartoonist Seth (creator of several New Yorker covers, graphic novels, etc.)
  • Small trim size and inexpensive price = perfect for register display
  • Attractive Seth-designed display for books ideal for register placement
  • Similar series of Xmas Ghost Stories by Galley Beggar Press have sold 30,000+ in UK
  • Canadian "trial run" of books showed approx. 1,000 copies sold of each book, even as a drop-in title sold into stores in late November w/o register placement
  • VERY STRONG response from media looking for "feel good" holiday news stories. Multiple angles: 1) reviving old tradition, 2) novel and appealingly counter-intuitive take on Christmas as a spooky time of year, 3) Seth well-known and respected, and does great interviews 4) perfect for quirky gift guides = THIS SERIES WILL CONTINUE TO GET HUGE ATTENTION FROM THE MEDIA AS AWARENESS SPREADS!!!
  • Potential marketing to specialty shops, incl. comic book stores, Christmas gift stores
  • Last December opened with an endorsement from actor Patton Oswalt on Twitter and closed with a capsule review by John Williams in the New York Times. Great start for a first year, and we expect the second to be even better!
  • Book Details

    Publication Date
    October 31, 2017