The Edumacation Book

by Andy McElfresh (Author), Kelsey Dake (Illustrator)

Class is now in session with Professor Andy McElfresh (not a real professor), science aficionado and co-host of the Edumacation podcast with Kevin Smith. This is the book that gives you a crash course in Cocktail-Party Science, the strange and astonishing scientific facts that you’ll want to share at all your social gatherings.

Chapters explore the Four Chambers of Knowledge—The Sci, The Fi, The Why, and The Bye—and examine such tantalizing topics as:

• Elevator Decapitations and a Deadly Wedgie
• Bigfoot, Mermaids, and the Mongolian Death Worm
• Dolphins Getting High Off Puffer Fish Toxin
• Staggering Feats of Shaolin Monks
• The Pentagon’s Weaponized Heat Ray
• Flying Cars, Real Telepathy, and Other Breakthroughs of Tomorrow
. . . and many more!
Open this book and open your mind: You’re about to get Edumacated!

Book Details

Publication Date
March 20, 2018
Page count