Relate with Me

by Ngozi Emele (Author)

Relationships are a vital part our lives, and we continuously need ideas on how to sustain them. This book serves as a guide to anyone who desires to have a good relationship either as a single person, dating, married or family, including tips on how to take care of your children.

Relate With Me explains diverse stages of life from a Christian perspective ranging from:

  • Singlehood

  • Wedding

  • Marriage

  • Babies and tips on how to give birth

  • Parenthood

  • How to support children and children in need

  • How to take care of your family.

A ‘good marriage’ is a choice which works through a continuous e?ort to get better by praying to God. It’s a conscious e?ort; it’s not magic or automatic. You need to work it out yourself in agreement with your spouse, hence the word marriage is not the issue; it’s us (you and me).

Book Details

Publication Date
March 12, 2018
Page count