Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Two

Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Two

by Dame Doggy (Author)
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Ten more girls who just want to howl, and the ten more horny dogs they found to make that happen.

Hypnosis Gangbang and Canine Loving (11)

She has no clue four guys and one dog are satisfying every sexual urge she never knew she had.

Hazed with a Canine Gangbang (12)

To get into the sorority of her choice, she just has to let a pack of dogs use her to get off while a crowd of cheering women watch.

Canine Gangbang Sleep Sex (13)

She came to his house to relax. She’s also there to be done hard by his three dogs while she’s sleeping.

Part-time Hypnotized and Bound Canine Fuck Toy (14)

She applied to be an assistant. He turned her into a mind-controlled sex toy for his dog.

Unaware She Craves Canine Cock (15)

The hypnosis makes her ignore the dog humping her, giving her boyfriend a show.

Hypnotic Cravings: Canine Gangbang on the Recliner (16)

To cure herself of her deviant cravings, she’s seeing a shrink who has prescribed lots and lots sex with horny dogs.

Hypnosis at Bath Time: Becoming a Canine Sex Toy (17)

This teacher gives his dog horny hypnotized graduates to make him behave for bath time, and the girls love it.

Meeting His Parents: Serving Up Dog Cock and a Gangbang (18)

To make a good impression on her boyfriend’s parents, she’s wearing her sluttiest outfit and ready to bend over and take it in all holes from everyone and the dog.

Housewife Has a Craving for Canine Cock (19)

She doesn’t know why, but she just has to be mounted by the dog. It’s the one thing she wants most, even knowing it’s wrong.

Dog Sitting: Hypnotized to Love Doggy Cock (20)

For thirty bucks, she’ll play with his dog. And by play, he means being mounted and rode hard, but she doesn’t realize that.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains bestiality dog sex, hypnosis, mind control, exhibitionism, voyeurism, hidden camera, sex tape, domination, submission, bondage, pet play, fingering, anal play & sex, oral sex, gangbang, girl-on-girl, blackmail, masturbation, public sex,  outdoor sex, sleep sex, rough sex, double penetration, older man/younger woman, teacher/student, and lots of bareback creampie.

Publication date
April 19, 2018
File size
610 KB

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