The Clean Money Revolution

by Joel Solomon (Author), Tyee Bridge (Author)

  • The hardcover, released in Spring 2017, has sold 4,500 copies

  • This is a book about doing well while doing good.

  • Our money is us; what it does, we do

  • In 1994, the 500th year since Christopher Columbus came to North
    America, the author hosted a visioning session which focused on what
    could be done in our lifetimes that would change the next 500 years for
    the better. This visioning approach is central to the author’s work.

  • There is a massive economic shift coming -- the clean money
    revolution is building momentum and is going to shift the largest amount
    of global capital in history

  • People need stories as models and inspiration to stretch and be
    courageous, young people need stories of finding meaning and purpose

  • Millenials want to invest their money in line with their values and
    are increasingly demanding transparent and ethical investments

  • The book will help wealth managers and professionals adapt and build products for their clients

  • The author has over thirty years working in the field of environmental, social, and corporate governance

  • This is a great story of a personal journey to find meaning, purpose and a creative entrepreneurial career path

  • Intended Audience: Millennials, Caring people with more than enough
    money, Young people seeking a financially promising career, Wealth
    managers, financial advisors needing to understand millennial values

  • Social entrepreneurs

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Publication Date
September 04, 2018
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