Hawai'i Plant World Essentials

de Jaya C. Dupuis (Auteur)

The project helped define general vegetation trends and specific species distribution patterns to better inform the development of effective restoration measures for remaining native plant communities in wet lowland forests of Hawaii. In June of 2014, Jaya launched an intensive restoration plan to systematically control invasive species and propagate native species on over thirty acres in the most biodiverse portion of Keauohana Forest Reserve of East Hawaii. Keauohana is today the largest and most intact biodiverse native lowland rainforest remaining below one thousand feet in elevation in the state of Hawaii.

This project has been supported by the state of Hawaiis Department of Land and Natural Resources through appropriations made by the state legislature. County contingency funds were also awarded for project materials. Community volunteer support has contributed a great deal to restoration efforts through regular volunteer work parties and numerous school group events, offering students and community members hands-on educational opportunity.

Donations for continued support can be dedicated to the Keauohana Native Forest Restoration Project through the Malama O Puna nonprofit organization. You may send your mail to malamaopuna@yahoo.com 200411. Malama O Puna, PO Box 1520, Pahoa, Hawaii, 96778.

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19 décembre 2017
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