by Jenna Bayne (Author)

Woohoo, I made a mistake!

One of the greatest strategies to teach youth is how to turn mistakes into valuable learning opportunities. Mis-takes is the third book in the BayneBook series created for adults to read, learn, laugh, and grow with the children in their lives. Together, redefine what a mis-take really is, and how to use this positive shift in perspective to celebrate the learning process. Mis-takes are part of learning and learning is so much fun!

The BayneBook Series is a parenting book series disguised as childrens books. Each book focusses on one valuable life strategy every adult can benefit from teaching and every child deserves to learn. Get ready to deepen your relationships with inside jokes and quality time as you read through the series and implement each strategy with the children in your life. The BayneBooks Series effectively and efficiently builds the foundation for healthy self-esteem and confidence. Our children deserve to know how great they are!

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Publication date
August 22, 2017
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