El Idioma Español Y La Cultura Hispana

by Carrie McLaren (Author), Frederick Keenan (Author)

EL IDIOMA ESPAOL Y LA CULTURA HISPANA: A GUIDE TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE AND THE HISPANIC WORLD is an outstanding resource for any language learner. Authentic language is beautifully presented in context along with wonderfully-articulated and rich cultural content. Any trip through the Spanish-speaking world would be complemented by the learning that this great text will provide. A must-read for new and returning learners of Spanish. (James Steele, Course Director, Faculty of Education, York University)

EL IDIOMA ESPAOL Y LA CULTURA HISPANA is a fresh and unique approach to language learning and culture. It covers all of the grammatical tenses, vocabulary and current and historical facts that you will need to know for living and traveling in the Spanish-speaking world. The vocabulary is practical and based on everyday situations. The grammar is explained in an easy and comprehensible fashion with clear examples. The activities and exercises will help to solidify your knowledge and test your retention. Each chapter has a principal theme and also focuses on one of 20 countries in the world in which Spanish is an official language.

This Spanish textbook was written by two authors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. I am enthusiastic to see such a great publication. This is an exciting new book which thoroughly explores a variety of cultural themes and language structures. Opportunities are provided throughout for students to practice their oral communication skills via creative interactive speaking activities. (Usha Viswanathan, Professor, Centre for Language Training Studies in French, Glendon College)

EL IDIOMA ESPAOL Y LA CULTURA HISPANA teaches you not only how to speak Spanish but will also give you an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for Hispanic culture. It prepares you to be an informed visitor, not just a tourist, to all the countries of the Spanish-speaking world.

The unique and clever presentation of the Spanish language and culture from so many perspectives and countries was an engaging way to delve into learning. It captured the fun and global relevance of being multilingual. (Colin Schmidt, engineering graduate and travel enthusiast)

Purchase of this book includes a complimentary User Guide and access to a dedicated website of Spanish pronunciation.

Cover photo: Al Hilo del Tiempo, un mural colaborativo con vecinos y vecinas de Vitoria-Gasteiz dirigidos por Vernica y Christina Werckmeister en 2007. Parte del Itinerario Muralstico de Vitoria-Gasteiz

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September 27, 2017
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