Extra Special

by Stefanie Naddaf (Author), Elenei Rae Pulido (Illustrator)

Extra special is a book about a little boy named Ali. Ali has lost his brother and does not understand how or why or any of the things surrounding death. Ali sees his family mourning, and he thinks to himself that he is an extra special little boy because now he gets to carry on with the memory of his brother and the spirit of his brother living with him in everything that he does.

The book focuses on showing a child how to cope with the loss of the physical body by remembering that now the spiritual side is always present, giving comfort to the child and making him feel as if he is an extra special person with the superpower of his brothers spiritual soul always with him.

In the book, Ali focuses on all the things that he will do, knowing that his brother will be by his side, playing along. Ali remembers and shares all the fun and love they had.

Book details

Publication date
August 17, 2017