The Last Interview

by Paul Bouchard (Author)

It is June 2016 as Professor Roger Johnson of George Mason University sits in the C-SPAN studio in Washington, DC, with executive producer Peter Slen across from him. As the live, three-hour In Depth session begins, the eighty-year-old professor reveals that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Still, he delves into the interview with enthusiasm, knowing this may be his last chance to impart his wisdom and life experiences onto the world.

As Professor Johnson begins answering questions from Slen and numerous callers, he reflects on his career as a scholar; his experiences as a presidential consultant to Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and others; and his latest book, Politics and Government in the Age of Social Media. While providing his insights and predictions on the 2016 presidential election, Johnson leads his audience on a fascinating journey that reveals how data analytics can help bring efficiency in government, how technological advances will improve future societies, and why Americans have so many reasons to be optimistic about the future of their great country.

The Last Interview shares a seasoned professors opinions and reflections as he looks back on his career, assesses the current political environment, and provides hope for the future.

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May 22, 2017
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