Do You Want to Know?

by Ritu Verma Chhokar (Author)

My name is Croaky.

Chatting is my most dear pastime. I can talk non-stop about anything. I am totally abreast about world news, sports, weather, and even the tabloids. My friends are often left stupefied by my excellent knowledge of current affairs. I have won many laurels in quizzing.

Adventure sport is my thing. I can leap from one corner of my huge pond to another in fraction of seconds. My friends who have seen me somersaulting have been left gaping at it. Put me on a jungle gym and I can impress you with breathtaking acrobatics.

I am not a bragger, but if there is a Mr. Popular contest in this pond, I would be a thumbs-up winner.

I am one happy frog.

But today is different. I am super terrified.

Slither is super ferocious and has created a big commotion in the pond. The fish isnt moving and are pretending to be dead. The big animals who were drinking water from the pond have stopped and are enveloped with unknown fear. Slither is moving dangerously in the water. He is determined to gobble each and every one of us up but just then a miracle happens.

Slither cannot move anymore. OMG! He is hissing dangerously and blowing fire out of his eyes.

What happened to Slither, the mean snake?

How did the small little frogs manage to do this to the big humongous snake?

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December 22, 2017
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