Fulfilling Restorative Justice Efforts

by Dr. Clifton Underwood (Author)

The experiences attained for this study emerged over a thirty-year culmination of law enforcement assignments conventionalized through experiences. In retrospect, such unique opportunities being readily available were phenomenal for research by affording the ability to track individual attitudes of criminals over extended periods of time. Without realizing the impact of creating a longitudinal research study, these opportunities would become facts that would later yield valuable experiences to collaborate with educational and organization knowledge advancements enclosed in this book. The concept of fulfilling restorative justice goals derived from a juvenile justice intervention program that I implemented for a major city to reduce recidivism and assist in getting juveniles back on track. The program outcome was outstanding, but I was unable to explain, just as many others, how the change in behaviors were accomplished. This book indicates an empirical process, established as a model to explain behavioral change as established in restorative justice practices.

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October 09, 2015
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