Passages of Me

by Rome Lofton (Author)

Passages of Me was never intended to be a poetry collection book. It started out as just one poem, the first poem in the book. I submitted that poem to the American Library of Poetry. After that poem was selected, I began getting really good feedback. This incited me to continue writing poems. After I finished around the first thirty, I would joke around, saying, Fifty poems, and I will be published. This made me change my approach to poetry. Instead of rhythms that make you smile, it should make you reflect and make you think about how you feel, how you act towards people and yourself. Also, I wanted to give people a piece of me. Every poem has meaning, yet mine may not be the same yours. I wanted to write poems where people could understand my meaning yet still be able to side with theirs. I wanted to have certain poems about things that go on around the world and other things that happen within ourselves. This poetry book was a way for me to express myself in a positive manner. I hope you enjoy it as Im showing you the inner me.

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Publication Date
June 21, 2016
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