Edge of Reality

by William Thomas (Author)

This book contains a discussion, with a new perspective, on the old string-theory problems. With respect to where all those extra dimensions are, we need to make the theory work mathematically. It has been said by many scientists that we may need to look at the string-theory problem with a fresh perspective or find new ways of thinking to resolve its challenges. Lets have a little fun with open minds and a new way of looking into reality with our imaginations turned on as we discuss possible new solutions to resolving the string-theory challenges.

Exercising the mind is one way to look into things that are out of the reach of direct experimentation. Einstein utilized the thought experiments to revolutionize modern physics by means of imagination, insight, and logic. This discussion proceeds in a language that anyone can follow, regardless of background. This is an intuitive discussion, with respect to known and accepted foundational science principles, focused on solving the string-theory challenges.

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Publication Date
November 15, 2017
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