Classic Cocktails: Liquid Love Poems

by Genevieve Sourlie (Author)

Genevieve, a poet, and Sean, a bartender, wrote this literary affair between classic cocktails and love poemsan adventure into the romance and libertine spirit of classic cocktails, including fabulous recipes from the 1920s with modern variations. Hemingways advice to write drunk and edit sober describes their creative process as poems were written under the spirit of each drink.

The cocktails provide the metaphors for a poetic love story, giving the history, secrets, and mystique of each drink. What started as a single poem, using the martini as a metaphor for love and life, grew into a merger of many classic cocktails with the developing romance. Key social issues of the times were also swept along with it as the poems invite the reader along on their journey.

Classic Cocktails: Liquid Love Poems is a tribute to the slower styles of earlier times, linking classic cocktails with important issues such as liberty, freedom of choice, love between men and women as equals, and honoring previous generationsfor whom everyone should be grateful to as part of the evolution of the human species. These issues are still present in modern culture, and now more than ever people need poetry, romance, and spirituality in their lives.

With the quick pace of life and dependence on technology to communicate, people need to slow down and take time to get in touch with their natural selves; who we were before the social conditioning around survival, money, and materialism cemented people into false identities or stereotypical roles. Everyone needs time to just beto reconnect with ones spirit and allow creative urges and inspirations to express themselves freely.

This reconnection can truly be a spiritual journey to not only connect with our selves, but also with each other. Hemingway has a lot to say about this in the last poem, The Liberty Bell.

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January 15, 2016
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