The Imperceptible Adjustment

by James Runyon (Author), Cynthia Runyon (Author)

The World Leader with Unlimited Power

Hayden Christopher Langley has a secret billion-dollar project that he has manipulated for his own devices. Will the outcome of this hidden venture leave him a legacy as the most powerful president or destroy the world?

The Secret Service Agent

Hudson Blackwell is once again sent to protect his country, but this time it has become personal. Having someone very close to him taken, can he regain what he has lost and also right the many wrongs that have occurred in his nation and the world?

The Professor of Ancient Studies

Dr. Todd Meyers knows more about ancient Israel than anyone else in academia. Yet will this knowledge be of any help when it comes to saving Hudson or restoring the world?

The Beautiful Woman

Being an influential voice for a powerful senator does not protect this innocent woman from being dragged into a web of deception and lies. Will she make it out safe or lose her true destiny forever?

Our History at Risk

With each successive change, more of the world is altered. Can humanity recover from the power of a mad man? Can this leader be stopped or will he complete The Imperceptible Adjustment and change our nation forever.

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Publication Date
March 03, 2016
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