The Blurr

by David Gates (Author)
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A disease . . . the end of the times . . . a quest for survival? Where is a safe place to hide from the dangers that lurk behind a mask of lies?

Daniel Gains and his best friend Carson Dennison own a retail establishment outside of town and have expectations in expanding their business. Little did they know that those plans were about to change. One day Dan is inspired by God to deliver a message to his church. Deeply disturbed by it, he ministers to them anyways. Shortly afterward, an unannounced disease, Blurr, is threatening the lives of millions, and he is afraid for his family. He embarks on a journey, meeting others along the way while searching for a safe place from the disease.

When Dan, is chosen to search for a safe place for his family and friends to escape the terror of the disease Blurr, he encounters obstacles that only God can help him through. With the betrayal by many, the numerous of unexplained deaths, and the unquestionable acts of the elements of the world, will they survive as they hope for another day? Despite all that is going wrong, Gods power is at work, helping him and others along the way.

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Publication date
June 09, 2017
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