Lectures on General Psychology ~ Volume Two

by Dennis Ford (Author)
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The voyage of discovery that commenced in Volume One continues in Lectures on General Psychology ~ Volume Two. In Volume Two we sail to different destinations and explore new and wonderful topics. Sleep, motivation, emotions, health psychology and stress, social psychology and psychological disordersthese topics are explored in a comprehensive and critical manner.

Among many tantalizing topics, Prof. Ford explains

How students can keep their sleep debt below the interest payment of impaired health.
How shooting apples off the archery coachs head in high school demonstrates the belonging need in Maslows hierarchy of motives.
How he deftly avoided flying body parts when a pedestrian exploded on Second Ave. after holding anger in for too long.
How writing letters to dictators can result in the perceived control of stress.
How, based on cognitive dissonance, playing hard to get gains women the advantage in the game of courtship.
And how a fantasy about a beach in Pensacola elucidates the schizophrenic process.

There have never been lectures on general psychology like the ones in Volume Two. Students are invited on board a voyage of psychological discoveries. The trip is entertaining, exhilarating, and thoroughly educational.

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October 23, 2015
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