Memoirs of a Weird Preteen

by J. M. Nunez (Author)

Do you think youre weird? Do you think your family is weird? At times we and they might be, but is that a bad thing? Sometimes it can be funny and maybe even bring a family closer together.

In his book, Memoirs of a Weird Preteen: Really, Daddy? author J. M. Nunez shares stories about his weird family. Many of you may relate to why his family isnt invited to big family events, including Thanksgiving. After all, many of us have that relative. Convincing his sister Anabella to stop sucking her thumb proves to be a challenge to his mother. Peanut butter might not have been a good choice after all. But it is funny!

These and other stories in Memoirs of a Weird Preteen: Really, Daddy? may prove the family is weird. What it definitely shows, however, is a family that loves each other very much. Although written for children, its an entertaining read for adults as well.

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Publication Date
June 22, 2016
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