A Hungry Mi Hungry

by Rita Johnson (Author)

The A Hungry Mi Hungry cookbook covers a wide range of Jamaican authentic recipes that are usually found in island restaurants; however, what you will learn is how to make the same meals with spices that will have both you and your guests wanting more. It is a pleasure to bring dishes to your home that is soothing to the soul, and promotes joy among family and friends. Each of these meals are fitting for the holidays as well as simply sharing an afternoon with your loved ones. Breakfast will no longer just consist of pancakes and eggs; there will be an option to put a different type of flavor on your dining table. Each breakfast meal is fulfilling and exceptionally delicious, it allows for an island experience without the passport and fees. Soups for those chilly days will rescue the body from the cold temperatures and spread warmth and closeness. It is during the winter times that people will find themselves spending more time indoors. The recipes in A Hungry Mi Hungry will allow for you to experiment with an assortment of different types of soup to serve any occasion that you deem fit. Take the time to peruse and try your selected choices, and once you become familiar then try another I am sure you will enjoy all of them. Email me at RSJ5125@gmail.com and tell me about your wonderful experience.

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Publication Date
July 30, 2016
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