Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School

by Don Broadwell (Author)

Todays globalized economy depends on the dissemination of knowledge rather than the manufacture of goods and the provision of services. This alone calls for new models of classroom leading to prepare children for an interactive future.

Moreover, students are better equipped to interact with their teachers than ever before, and they get frustrated when they cant participate in decision making. As psychologist William Glasser writes, Boss management fails because it limits both the quality of the work and the production of the (student) worker. Its use actually causes most of the discipline problems we are trying to prevent.

Don Broadwell, a former Marine, college instructor, and leadership expert offers a blueprint that will help teachers and students become more successful. Learn how to:

discern the differences between collaborative leading and top-down leading;
create your own leader style. One size does not fit all.
make leading exciting for students; and
turn leading a classroom into a pulsating, stress-free activity.

From the evolution of leadership thinking from Lao Tzu in ancient times, through the 1990s and the Human Potential Movement to the present Obama-inspired emphasis on collaboration, this book is an essential resource for anyone who works with and cares about students.

Don Broadwell lays a solid foundation and makes a persuasive argument for changing the way teachers facilitate the decision-making process. Collaboration between students and their teachers in goal setting, activities selection, and outcomes assessment promises much more than buy in; it leads to enthusiastic achievement embraced by all classroom stakeholders, children, teachers, administrators, parents, and community.Gary C. Newbill, JD, EdD, a retired school district superintendent from Washington State, Dean and Professor of Education Emeritus at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington.

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November 22, 2016
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