Great, Great Yarmouth Tales

by V.R. Bennett (Author)

V.R.Bennett was born in an air raid shelter in the London blitz his birth cries drowned by the screaming doodle bugs as they rained from the sky. Part of a family of thirteen on a social housing estate in North London money was stretched food was scarce and personal space only existed in the toilet until the banging on the door by one or more of his siblings snatched even those precious moments shattering his daydreams into reality. The London gang wars the student and race riots became the backdrop for many of the stories and bizarre characters that drifted onto and out of his as his experience's were collected like pollen on a bumble bee legs and stored in his memories. It is this journey he laces into the stories as he writes with the ever present cockney humour that help him cope with adversity.

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Publication Date
January 13, 2015
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