Dragon Kite and Other Stories

by Tanya Salehian (Author)

Four stories, all creating an adventure that holds the reader in suspense until the final outcome. The outcomes are satisfying to young readers.

They are set in venues as far apart as Western Australia (Wet Day Rescue) to Dragon Kite (Somerset, England) to Egypt (A Tangle of Stars) and to grassy fields anywhere (Henrys Special Day).

As the venues are familiar ground to Tanya (except Egypt in the time of the pharaohs), they give a ring of authenticity.

Tanya has herself climbed the Tor of Dragon Kite in the wind and has cycled along the road by the sea in Western Australia near Mandurah (Wet Day Rescue). Memories of these times inspired the stories.

Many of you will have watched a grasshopper jumping and rubbing its legs, making sounds (Henrys Special Day).

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Publication Date
December 18, 2015
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