Love Myelitis

by Elorm Beenie (Author)

Love Myelitis is a book for all ages, touches on the fundamental stage(s) of lovewhich almost everyone was involved infrom childhood through diverse experiences from good to bad till become adults. Anyone who reads this book will be struck by his open-mindedness, his exhaustive understanding of human nature, and his acute sense of humor carefully garnished with the theme of the book. Most people find it difficult to talk about their past and subscribe to the erroneous belief that when you speak about your past, you give an arsenal to your enemies to gun you down. For the fear of people judging them by their past, they decide not to discuss it. This deprives the younger and even unborn generations of an in-depth understanding of life and living it. It is therefore not surprising that the surge in crime and suicide among the youth is astronomical. The author seeks to stem the tide of the increasing frustrations among the youths of today and forestall any mishap that might crop up from their actions. This book is a must read for all and sundry.

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Publication Date
January 23, 2015
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