Simran's Diary

by Ishita Katyal (Author), Sanjay Gangadharan (Illustrator)

An authentic voice on the horizon of childrens literature. Ishita shows promise and potential as a young writer- Dipali Lodh (Asst. Professor, MCASC, Pune)

Simrans Diary is an eye opener with lot of learning for both children and parents. The book captures how magnificently children experience ups and downs in their daily life and become confident learners- Nina Soni (Headmistress- Amity International School, Gurgaon)

Simran is excited to get to her next school yearthat is until things start to get tough. Going through various adventures, Simran hides a big secret, not letting anyone know what it is.

Everyone is tensed, what is happening?

Read this book written by an eight-year-old author about the happy, sad and funny moments of an eight year old girl called Simran. Meant to tickle your funny bone, the story will bring alive the scent of a young child living in a busy family.

Book Details

Anis Shaikh (Other contributor)
Publication Date
June 26, 2015
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