The Christian Fantasy Adventure Saga
de Johnny Earl Jones (Auteur)
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Veraktalis the Dark Sorcerer has discovered a mystic force he believes will unshackle the wrathful demons Christ chained to the bottomless pit. His plan is to annihilate mankind, causing Christ to abandon the earth, thus freeing all evil from the judgment of God.

Standing in the way of those wicked schemes is the paladin, Navarro Silvinton; the silver elf prince, Zakili Terishot; and the barons daughter, Candace Veldercrantz. They face an uphill struggle against deceit and prejudice, an assassin warlord and his army, a fictitious curse, and an onslaught of mighty giants and blood-thirsty monsters. A budding romance between Navarro and Candace confuses the already complicated events.

With the fate of mankind at stake, they strive to overcome a threat they can only defeat with the power of Jesus Christ. The odds seem insurmountable, but with God all things are possible.

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Date de publication
16 novembre 2015
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