Scot Free Ii

di Kerri Thomas (Autore)
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In the fall of 1975, Mikey Thomas, hit man for Tony MartinelliToledos
Mafia Crime Bossmoves his family back to his old stomping grounds of Toledo, Ohio after getting into legal trouble in Louisiana. He returns to his old life carrying out contracts for Tony and while doing so, he also finds himself more involved in the seedier side of being a biker. Author Kerri Thomas, Mikeys daughter from a previous marriage, is just ten years old at the time.

In Scot Free II, the second book in the series, Thomas shares a fictionalized memoir of her fathers life and how it affected her and her childhood. Inspired by true events, it offers insight into what Thomas life was like growing up in an abusive and criminal environment with a father who dedicated his life to crime. Through Mikeys first-person perspective, this story shares his experiences as a biker who was no stranger to rape, murder, arson, bombings, and more.

Praise for Scot Free

I live just outside of Toledo and knew where each of the places were that Kerri referred to in this book. Her father was ingenious in how he committed his crimes and got away with them, but extremely cruel and selfish in how he treated his own family, the people he supposedly loved.
Kerri, I could hardly put this book down. You have survived a horrendous childhood and I hope that you continue to heal and write more books. You have a wonderful talent
.Patricia Haupt

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27 ottobre 2015
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