Zero Waste in the Last Best Place

What will the world look like in fifty years? In one hundred years? Four hundred years? Will we still pollute our skies with carbon? Will we still build monuments by the curb to nameless waste gods only to have our diapers, wrappers, cartons, and packaging squished into a foul-smelling hell-on-wheels to be hauled to the methane-emitting monument of NIMBY our global civilization is creating?

No! Lets drive cars, build gardens, and live in buildings that leave the earth cleaner than we found it!

In this little book Professor Bradley Layton takes us on a journey through the bowels of MIT, the dumpsters of our cities, and shares his own personal account of moving away from the landfill in Missoula, Montana, home of A River Runs Through It, downtown river surfing, and epic fly fishing.

Once youve made your way through this book, youll never look at garbage or trash the same way again. You will see and help create a future where nothing goes to waste. You will help restore the earth to The Garden that we were entrusted with in The Beginning.

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October 31, 2017
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