A Two-Year Stint in Asia Wraps up Amid Unfinished Business

by J. E. L . (Author)

JEL is going about his business as a professor in Canada when theres a knock on his door one April morning.

The visitor, Royal, is a language instructor in China looking for teaching material, and he finds a treasure trove in JELs office. But the more consequential aspect of the meeting, for JEL at least, is it reignites his lifelong dream to teach in China.

He chats with Royal who advises him that it would be best for him to go to China if hes serious about securing a position. Once there, he puts him in touch with Min, a university professor who might be able to help him get a job.

JEL returns home feeling great about the trip, but then he gets an ominous call from Royal, who tells him to say good-bye to his teaching plans. You just cant trust Min anymore, he says, telling him that shell do whatever it takes to get her Canadian residence permit.

Suddenly, teaching in China has become a lot more complicated, but JEL throws caution to the wind and decides to move forward with his plans.

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February 05, 2016
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