Desiree’S Night Flight

by Jacquie Faber (Author), Stephen Adams (Illustrator)

Desiree has a problem: shes a butterfly, and she wants to fly at night. She wants to follow her dreams and dance in the dark. But her mother and father have told her that only bats, owls, and moths fly at night. Should she risk following her dreams and face the unfamiliar? Or should she be like the other monarchs that only fly during the day?

Desirees Night Flight is an enlightening read for both spiritual seekers and lovers of childrens literature. This magical story takes readers on a journey from doubt to belief in our hopes and dreams. Jacquie Faber has created, with her lyrical text, a timeless dancefrom shadow to light. Truly inspiring! Anjali Andrea Alban Childrens Author, Speaker and Mentor.

When Desiree follows her dream into the unfamiliar she learns that love, trust and belief in herself can all work together. She discovers an inner light all living things share and can then draw on strengths she didnt know she had. Ms. Fabers beautiful tale delivers this powerful message with great charm. Grace W Rogers Ph.D. Retired Psychologist and Columnist in West Marin Citizen.

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April 21, 2015
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