Background Information for Screen Printers

by Peter Leis (Author)

This is a book for the beginner and experienced alike, it is a collection of knowledge one person gained while working in screen printing for over fifty years. He has worked as a teacher, production manager and business owner. The book contains information covering the background history of the core items such as mesh, stencils, squeegee and inks, all of which are key factors of the screen printing prosess. Also there is a considerable amount of useful practical advice that has been gathered together by the author over time.

This book should give the reader some confidence in understanding and working with the process. It clears away some of the mystique and misunderstandings that have been attached to screen printing through the years and trims the process back to its basics.
For people who only wish to learn about the process they will find a wealth of information on some of the applications of screen printing from the simplest uses with school children to its contributions in electronics.

Screen printing has an omni presents about it, sometimes seen, sometimes unseen it contributes to or is part of many of the items we use everyday; it is truly a child of our modern consumer society

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Publication date
July 31, 2015
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