How I Became the Wise Old Lady I Am Today

by Barbara L. Laubert (Author)

Throughout ones life there are moments, that stay etched in our minds. These moments and experiences soon become memories, as we grow old. For one particular woman, these memories created knowledge and wisdom, which carried her through many trials. With her faith in God and the love for family in her heart, she has become the wise old lady that she is today.

Growing up in the 1930s, Barbara endured an uncertain childhood, which was unlike any other young childs experience. At just eleven years old, she was sent off to a boarding school in Florida because of chronic illness. Alone and in unknown surroundings, she learns about her own strengths and how to create a life using her own talents. After regaining her health, Barbara returns to New Jersey with her parents. Her teenage years quickly turn into her young adult years with a wedding and babies to follow soon after. Her family creates the safe environment she so craved as a young child, and her sense of belonging was cemented in her husband and the family they created together.

As years pass by, she faces many challenges as a mother. These trials test her in ways she never imagined. With her faith and devotion, she continued to share and pass on her wisdom gained from her challenges.

With over 50 grandchildren and counting, the family can feel comfort in her life lessons and the connection to her struggles. Her story is one full of hope that family stories and wisdom gained throughout the years can help others in the journey through life. By Amy R. Glinski

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January 24, 2018
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