Black Heart

by Kristy Morgan (Author)

Jordan Buckley-Gates believed the scars of her abusive childhood had finally faded. She left behind memories of her cruel father and brother to start a life of her own; however, a series of nightmares makes her question her own reality. In her dreams, Jordan battles a possessive demon, and she soon comes to realize her dreams might in fact be harbingers of horrors to come.

A web of lies connects a group of vindictive soldiers. Their one ally: rage against the person who took the lives of their loved ones. Somehow, it seems Jordan is the target of their anger. She wears a target on her back, and if she is to survive, she must go up against Black Heart, the shady corporation that appears to be behind a myriad of murders.

Jordan soon understands she is up against more than earthly forces. Something supernaturaland possibly divineis at work behind the scenes. Jordan must find a way to bring the truth of Black Heart into the light, but she is in danger of losing more than her life. Her perilous undertaking could also crumble the foundations of her faith.

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Publication Date
May 01, 2015
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